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Bells for Peace…to Honor the Past and to Assure the Future
March 22, 2008

September 26, 1933
– March 22, 2008
The Board of Directors of Bells for Peace shares its profound sadness over the passing of Dr. David T. Shannon. As an integral Director of the non-profit charity, Dr. Shannon will be sorely missed by each of us who has felt his energy and commitment.

Bells for Peace was one of Dr. Shannon’s special passions during the past several years. The organization represented an opportunity to continue a legacy of excellence that will promote and preserve Historically Black Colleges and Universities, especially his own, Virginia Union University. He was gratified to be a part of an endeavor that will bolster opportunities for African Americans for future generations. Dr. Shannon radiated God's love for all people and was un-selfish in his drive to uplift everyman. His kindness and positive outlook reflected the "Holy Spirit" that abounded in him.

Over the past couple of years, Dr. Shannon rarely missed a Bells for Peace Board of Directors meeting via teleconferencing. He always shared many brilliant ideas with fervor. His warm synergy and cooperative spirit remained constant throughout his volunteer work with the organization. In recent weeks he shared his pleasure over the addition of Ms. Patti LaBelle to the Bells for Peace Board of Directors. He felt that her partnership, coupled with other prominent Board Directors, will add tremendous assistance in propelling the organization’s mission.

His wife, Mrs. Averett Shannon, as an Honorary Director of Bells for Peace, shared her husband’s deep commitments, that included financial assistance, and has remained “a constant” force in fortifying Dr.Shannon’s work.

The Board of Directors of Bells for Peace will be forever grateful to Dr. David Shannon for his encouragement, wisdom and support that extended to his last days on earth.

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