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Bells for Peace…to Honor the Past and to Assure the Future

• To promote excellence at Virginia Union University through the visual representation that a preserved Belgian Friendship Building will extol regarding its architectural design, its history, its acquisition, its uses and its changes that have constantly served the needs of mankind

• To commemorate the legacies of John Malcus Ellison, Virginia Union University’s first president of African heritage, and Elizabeth Balfour Ellison, his wife, whose missions became singular in their quest to provide a setting for the elevation of all people, individually and collectively, who desired to grow in their quest for the information and knowledge necessary to build a better world environment

• To harness support from the local, state, national and international communities to continually celebrate the importance of an international “Friendship” building now erected at an historical black university in an urban setting

• To continually recognize the need to bring about peace for the benefit of all mankind

• To provide the proper setting for students, faculty and other individuals who desire to have an opportunity to experience diverse interchange utilizing an educational base to aid in the solution of scientific, social, cultural and spiritual problems

• To leverage funding through donors who embrace the purposes of this mission

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